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Life after Life is an online obituary website which helps everyone to know about the death, funeral and memorial services of the departed in your family. This obituary website strongly feels the connectivity of love and memories that passes down from generation to generation within the family members and friends and thus the name “Life after Life” We know your loss and so Life after Life intends to assist you and your family members in every step of the funeral proceedings and formalities online. Regardless of nationality and language, Life after Life renders heart-warming obituary online services to support your family and friends by portraying the life and stories of the departed in a soul-touching manner. Life after Life enables your family members and every other person to know about the departed in your family, know about your ancestors and be united with their memories. Life after Life facilitates you to add gallery of the photos and videos of the departed. Under one-member obituary, you can share any number of pictures and stories that brings about pleasant memories for the loved ones who see. Life after Life’s special feature namely “Family Tree” makes you build your family and generations under one roof, thus paving way for your grandchildren and future generation to witness your genealogy and tradition.

You can upload videos, write up their stories or put up photos and what-not in this online obituary “Life after Life”. We also help to create memorable videos of the photos you share with us. As you share information of your family, we keep it very confidential and deliver trustworthy obituary services of your choice. We put up death announcements, funeral notices, memorial services, condolences and tributes and give spots for people to comment their expressions. Life after Life readily serves you on religious based formalities without exception. We make your desirable formalities for your ancestors and departed family members to happen with our resource team. Thus you can easily manage your preferable formalities for the departed and make their souls happy and relieved from karma. Our services consist of three package plans at reasonable costs. You can choose any package based on the necessity and contact us by filling the form. We will contact you immediately and assist you for a memorable and soulful obituary. Life after Life believes that ‘there is life after life’.